The God Particle

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The God Particle

The God Particle


By Joel Schlecht


What and “How” is God


  1. God is Really Intelligent! God is Really Efficient! God is Really Powerful! I cant stress these points enough.
  2. In an environment where the Universe is not created yet. Space and time are local effects determined by matter that randomly appears according to the laws of Quantum Mechanics.
  3. The randomly appearing matter are virtual particles which are not permanent because you cannot create matter out of nothing. These particles exist for an amount of time inversely proportional to the energy it takes to create them The probability that a particular particle will be created is also inversely proportional to its energy. The more energetic the particle, the shorter time it exists. And, the rarer it is.
  4. Virtual particles can interact with the Universe and have lasting effects for as long as they exist.
  5. Given an infinite amount of time, particles of ALL energies will be created.
  6. The Universe contains a finite amount of energy.
  7. God is only required to have as much energy or a certain amount more than the Universe, so would also contain a finite amount of energy.


Everything in the Universe boils down to energy. In addition to the regular forms of energy such as light and motion (electricity is moving electrons while heat is moving atoms etc.) matter can also be converted into energy by the equation E=mc^2 (you can look that up else ware). Even space its self is composed of energy. Due to the fact that energy and matter are interchangeable, if the universe contained an infinite amount of energy, gravity would be infinite. We all know what would happen then.


Due to point 5, a particle with the power of God MUST come into existence at some point. A God Particle if you wish. However, due to the immense amount of energy inherent to the God Particle, it would only exist for an infinitesimal amount of time. Fortunately point 4 allows the God Particle to create a universe before blinking out of existence. If that’s not what your looking for, read on. All is not lost.



What is Consciousness?



As far as we can tell, consciousness is the organized flow of information in a significant amount causing the system to become self aware. Ok, what does that mean? A neuron sends out tendrils to up to a few hundred other neurons and sends uncomplicated electrical and chemical signals to them. They also respond in a fairly simple manner to stimulus from other neurons.


What is the difference between our neurons and those of most other animals? Not much. In the higher animals, you really can’t tell the difference. So why are we self aware and other animals aren’t (a case can be made for a few of the exceptional ones)? It seems that once you have enough neurons communicating, the system becomes self aware.


Since our civilization is also a system where we have billions of people exchanging information immensely more complicated than our neurons signals to practically anyone on earth via phone, books, the internet, etc. We could be just like cells of the brain of a higher level being. Unaware that the report we are writing is the spark of an idea for a planetary intelligence.


[Sidebar about DNA (may not make any difference) – There is another possible curious system which is also multi tiered. Only a very small amount of information on the DNA in a cell codes information for the cell. DNA also contains information for coding all the other cells in the body as well as how to put them together to make a person. However after the Human Genome project was completed, they found that only ten percent of the DNA codes for the human body. The other 90% they consider “junk”.


If you were a cell, you would consider the information that doesn’t pertain to you junk. Is it possible that 90% of our DNA is coding for something far more complex than just a human? Three billion lines of code of which we only use thirty million. Could this “junk” really be coding for a higher level intelligence?]



A Possible Plan


Now I don’t think that I “know the mind of God” but I think I can put some general principles to work. It is a common theme that we are made in God’s image. The one thing that all life has in common (other than most of it’s DNA) is the need to perpetuate themselves whether it is to live as long as possible (survival instinct), have children to put a little of ourselves in someone else that will live on, or cloning as in microbes.


God, as we have already established, is incredibly smart. A being that has the power and intelligence to create the Universe could surely contemplate His own demise. In point 4 we know that even the virtual particles can have lasting effects. In Seeing that He had a very short time to exist, God carefully crafted all the laws of the Universe, the four forces, and all the matter to exacting specifications in order to form a universe in which would bring forth intelligent beings. This was God’s survival plan to keep Himself going forever.


In one flash, The God Particle being incredibly intelligent, powerful, efficient and in a hurry, created our Universe. The most efficient and fastest way to create a universe full of intelligent beings is in one enormous, extremely calculated burst such as the Big Bang and let it run for a few billion years.



The Plan Comes Together


As the billions of years roll by, exactly to God’s design, life starts to evolve all across the Universe. It first starts in small groups. Then as technology spreads, allowing more and more people to communicate, the collective intelligence grows in patches. Eventually the planet is one being made of billions of people all communicating faster than even individual cells in our brain. As we reach out into space, we will eventually come into contact with other civilizations looking for someone else. This goes on and on until the entire Universe is filled with intelligent creatures all communicating and thereby recreating the mind of God! He is His own creation.


Due to the second law of thermodynamics, the energy in the Universe will be reduced to a state in which communication is impossible. This is called heat death. There is a version of the Big Bang in which if there is enough matter in the Universe, it will eventually collapse upon its self and the process will start over. This process can conceivably continue forever in a cycle where God awakens, “sleeps”, and awakens again depending on how many beings are communicating at the present time.



Implications of the Plan


I find it incredible how close the implications of this plan fit so many of the Christian beliefs. We are God’s most precious creation. Because each one of us is recreating God, God is inside all of us. He knows what were thinking because we are all God. This is why we should treat each other well. Follow the commandments. Do not kill, do not steel, do not covet thy neighbors wife etc. All these things hamper the communication between us in some way. When we hurt each other, we hurt God. Do not commit suicide He needs you. We can still do what we want while still being connected to the collective. This solves the problem of free will and destiny. They are not at odds. We know what the purpose of life is. Simply stay alive as long as possible and make as many friends as you can! We can also see the connection of the Trinity Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit in the three levels of intelligence – God, humans, and brain cells. They are all separate yet part of the same thing. As God is waiting to regain His full strength, we see a parallel with a “second coming”, God was here and God will come again. Also, since The God Particle came about spontaneously outside of time and space as we know it, restrained only to it’s own local effects, we can say that no one created God and He was always here (as far as our Universe is concerned).


What are the Odds?


Since the energy in the Universe and therefore God is finite, we can calculate the relationship between the odds of a God Particle coming into existence and the universe coming into existence spontaneously. If we were ever able to figure out all the variables and solve that relationship, we could say for instance that there was a 53% chance that God exists. It would seem at first that since the God Particle must be more complicated than the Universe, the odds of the Universe coming into existence on its own would be much greater. However, remember this – The human body is incredibly more complex than a bicycle. But humans came along naturally and no bike was ever seen until a person made one.

Something From Nothing

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